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Alieu Conteh Now Ranks the Richest Man in Gambia.

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A Kombo Gunjur born billionaire businessman, Alieu Conteh has finally ranked the richest man in his country, the Gambia.

So Basiru Jawara could no longer enjoy the prestigious honor of “Richest man in the Gambia”, a socioeconomic status that every man have always wanted to occupy.

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Let’s know how it started and the inspiration behind it.

How It All Started.

Though Alieu Conteh had his educational career in London and also at California State University, he has a very humble beginning. As a child, he suffered a lot of hardship. His family suffer poverty under the bad civilian government in the Gambia.

As at 1962 to 1970, Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara was already the Prime Minister of Gambia. He also served as the first President of the Gambia from 1970 to 1994. So within this period, things were general very hard for the Gambians. Not even the acclaimed political leaders then can proudly boost of good comfort. The Gambia was in the state of mess. With just few politicians been entitled to the country’s national cake. Little wonder the success of 1994 Gambian coup d’état. The coup was accepted with mixed feelings, while many were contented with the act, others would prefer that the aborted civilian rule of Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara should rather continue, despite how bad it may seem. Even before the independence of the Gambia in 18 February 1965, the colonial administration was not forthcoming. So things were generally very bad for the Gambia people, back then.

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Therefore, the poor beginning of Alieu Conteh was not by his making. He was rather hardworking, enterprising and courageous. Alieu Conteh is a man the beliefs in hardworking. He was focused and has never gave-up his good dream of becoming great in life.

Meanwhile, how Alieu Conteh managed to get to the USA, has since remain a mysetry to all concern Gambians. When he left Gambia, nobody was aware that he would be privileged to see a glorious place like the United State of America. In fact, some person thought he was no more alive. Even his immediate family members could not believe that their own son, brother and uncle could have attained such status in life. It was all a surprise when he finally cam back in late 1980s. He came with cars and great wealth. As at then, anyone that owns a car in the Gambia was more than just wealthy. He acquired many cars and properties.

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Alieu Conteh is a passionate giver who believes in core humanitarian services. He has always craved to help the people in need and indeed anyone that comes to him for help.

By 1981 he was already in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His great fortune has started announcing it self at home, though not much, but a bit by bit.

Alieu Conteh traded on metals, food and mainly exported coffee beans to London. He was a very good entrepreneur who knows how to establish and run any type of business. He has always explored his high sense of innovaion in pursuit of greener pasture.
But unfortunately to him, he lost almost all that he has acquired in Congo, during the country’s civil war. Alieu Conteh never relented but believes that he would still make it again, even to the top, a self-determination of a hero.

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By 1999, Alieu Conteh has managed to source a little found and ventured into a telecommunication business. He launched the “Congolese Wireless Network” (CWN) 4000 customers.

Meanwhile, by 2001 he had already entered into a joint venture with Vodacom, the South Africa’s largest mobile operator. The move was a step in a right direction. The joint venture business allowed Vodacom company to acquire 51 percent of aggregate share. Similarly, by mid-2006 Vodacom Congo had already gotten more than 1.5 million customers, a good development that boosted his financial ego.

Alieu Conteh Net Worth.

What is Alieu Conteh Net worth?

This question” what is Alieu Conteh Net worth?” has become one of the most asked questions on internet by the Gambians. But here is all you need to know.

Forbes (an American Business Magazine), Wikipedia (a multilingual online encyclopedia) and of course Blombage have not officially published the net worth of Alieu Conteh.

Meanwhile, Alieu Conteh Net worth may be estimated at USD.120 Million, a huge some that have since made him the richest man from the Gambia ever.

So he recently emerged the richest person in his country this year, see the list of the Top 10 richest people in the Gambia before now.

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