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AliExpress Sign Up Account | How To Create AliExpress Account 

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AliExpress Sign Up a Account.

AliExpress Sign Up is free.

Meanwhile,  AliExpress  an online retail service that is  based in China.

Alibaba is the  owner of AliExpress.
This online shopping mall was launched in 2010.
AliExpress is  made up of small businesses in China and other locations.

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Today, this company is one of the biggest online shopping company in the world.

Because of this huge potentials of this online shopping mall, millions of people shop from the company on daily basis.

Similarly, shopping in AliExpress can only be possible when one has an account with the company. Thus, without AliExpress Sign Up account, it is very difficulty to shop from this online shopping mall.

It is therefore important to note that you must have a registered account with AliExpress before you can shop from the company.

Furthermore, your registered account can be linked with your banking details. It is from this account that you can place your order online, any time you want to buy any commodity from the company.

Steps For AliExpress Sign Up Account

To create your own AliExpress account simply follow this steps below:

1 Simply go to

2. When the page loads, click on the Join button.

3. Now enter your valid email address.

4.  After that, you will need to complete  the security test.

So after completing the security test, click  on the Submit button.

5. Now proceed by clicking Next.

6.  The next thing you will do now is to log into your email account and then open your account confirmation email, and click Continue.

7 After that, you will need to enter your username and a strong password.

8.  Click on the  Confirm button to complete the account registration.

Congratulations, you now have a valid AliExpress account.

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