November 29, 2023

Canada Apple Picking Business

If you’re looking for an apple picking job in Canada, there are a few steps you can take:

If you’re looking for an apple picking job in Canada, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. Research orchards in your desired area: Look for apple orchards in the area where you’d like to work. Many orchards will post job openings on their websites or social media pages. You can also check job search websites like Indeed, Job Bank, and Kijiji for postings.
  2. Contact orchards directly: If you find an orchard that you’re interested in working for, contact them directly to inquire about job openings. You can email or call the orchard to ask about employment opportunities and their hiring process.
  3. Check with employment agencies: Employment agencies often have listings for seasonal work, including fruit picking. You can search for agencies in your area that specialize in agricultural work and inquire about open positions.
  4. Apply for a work permit: If you’re not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you’ll need a work permit to legally work in Canada. You can apply for a work permit through the Government of Canada’s website.
  5. Prepare for the job: Apple picking is hard work, so make sure you’re physically prepared for the job. You’ll likely be working outdoors, so be sure to dress appropriately for the weather. You may also need to bring your own work gloves.

Overall, finding an apple picking job in Canada will require some research, preparation, and persistence.

Know how much you can make in Apple picking Jobs in Canada

The pay for apple picking jobs in Canada can vary depending on the region, the size of the orchard, and the employer. According to the Government of Canada’s Job Bank website, the average hourly wage for fruit and vegetable pickers in Canada is around $15-20 per hour. However, it’s important to note that many apple picking jobs are paid on a piece-rate basis, meaning workers are paid based on how much they pick rather than an hourly rate.

Piece rates can vary depending on the type of fruit being picked and the productivity of the worker. For apple picking, piece rates may range from 20 to 40 cents per pound of apples picked. This means that a worker who picks 100 pounds of apples in a day could earn anywhere from $20 to $40, depending on the piece rate.

It’s also worth noting that many apple picking jobs are seasonal, lasting only a few weeks or months in the fall. As such, the total amount that a worker can earn in an apple picking job may be limited by the duration of the season.

Overall, the pay for apple picking jobs in Canada can vary widely, but it’s important to research specific job openings and speak with employers directly to get a more accurate idea of the pay and conditions for a particular job.