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Countries That Offer Visa Lottery To Nigeria

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Here is the full list of countries that offer Visa Lottery to Nigeria. This is very important, especially for many Nigerians who wish to go out of their own country and dwell in a foreign country. Countries That Offer Visa Lottery To Nigeria.

Thus, are you a Nigerian looking for an opportunity to go to a foreign country for any of the following purposes;

  • Study abroad
  • Acquire Skills abroad
  • To make a Tourist excursion abroad
  • To do Business abroad
  • For a Pilgrimage abroad
  • To do Farm work abroad
  • To look for work abroad, etc.

You may also like to study in London on scholarship.

Meanwhile, Visa Lottery is simply a legal means of migrating to another country to live and work as a full citizen, it is organized by the government of the country giving out the visa. Visa lottery is usually for free.

So if you have made up your mind that you want to go and pursue your career outside Nigeria. Here are list of countries that offer visa lottery to Nigeria.

List of Countries That Offer Visa Lottery To Nigeria 2019 2020

  1. Canada
  2. Switzerland
  3. Australia
  4. United States of America (USA)
  5. Denmark
  6. Sweden
  7. Holland
  8. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  9. San Marino
  10. United Kingdom (UK)
  11. Iceland
  12. Ireland
  13. Netherland

It is true that there is no place like home, but you can still choose to go to any of the above countries and pursue your God-giving career.

You can also study in Germany on Scholarship, the application process is very simple and free.

Information they say is power, all you need to do is to be guided and you will get to your dream country at ease.

Requirements For A Visa Lottery / Countries Offering visa Lottery to Nigeria 

To enter the lottery,

  • Applicants must have been born in an eligible country.
  • Applicants must have completed at least a high school education or at least two years of work experience in an occupation which requires at least two other years of training or experience.
  • Applicants must also satisfy general immigration requirements such as;
  1. Means of support.
  2. No criminal background, and good health, etc.

You may also like to apply for the Canadian Visa Lottery now. The application process is very simple and totally free.

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