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Davido LIfestyle | Why Davido is more Popular than Other Musicians in Nigeria.

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“It is quite believable that Davido was born with a golden spoon in a wealthy family, his lifestyle is a product of his social background”

David Adedeji Adeleke, also known by his stage name Davido. He is one of the most influential, richest, popular, and admired musicians in Nigeria and even in African in general. Although, the source of his fortune is mostly attributed to his family wealthy background. He is a hardworking, social and intelligent musician. He is also a man that believes in hardworking and tactical diplomacy. For some reasons, he had been accused of complacence by his chronic enemies. But like one would always say, “who on earth would be in the position of Davido (A five Star African Legendary Musician) without the feeling of self-ego, self-acceptance, self-regard, self-assurance, and high sense of security?”

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Davido just like every other musicians is good. Although he might be arrogant in a way. He nevertheless has not ceased to be like every other Yoruba man. Yoruba people are known for their humility and gentleness. David as a Yoruba man have always maintained the Yoruba heritage which is anchored on humility. But because of his upbringing in Atlanta (the capital and most populous city in the U.S. state of Georgia) and later in Lagos (the biggest city in Africa) his social orientation is more western than African.

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Amidst this great influence, David Adedeji Adeleke remains a true and patriotic Nigerian. He loves to captivate the interest of his fans through his numerous updates on social media. He has released so many songs that have all trended, in Nigeria, Africa and some parts of America and Asian continents.

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Legendary Davido studied business administration at Oakwood University in Alabama, but was unsuccessful before he went into the music industry. He released his debut album “Omo Baba Olowo in 2012. In his debut album, “Dami Duro”, that is, the second single, which attracted wide acceptance in Nigeria and in other African Countries. “Dami Duro” features Senegalese American singer Akon. The music made Davido to become more popular in Nigeria.

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David has an active Twitter handle which he uses to propagate his business. He also uses other social net works such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, etc to grow his fans both within and beyond his country, Nigeria.

Davido father is very wealthy. His Father, Prince Adedeji Adeleke is a Nigerian billionaire, business magnate, founder and president of Adeleke University. While his kingsmen are Isiaka Adeleke and Ademola Adeleke ( a popular Nigerian politician)

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At the same vein, Davido has publicly declared that he would officially marry his girl friend, Chioma in 2020. Chioma the future wife of Davido is also from a very wealthy Nigerian family. And that goes to say that “the rich are marring the rich” in which case Davido is getting more popular by the day.

Similarly, Davido social lifestyles have also reflected in the manner to which he spends his money. He has once accused his major competitor, Wizkid of always being stingy to himself.

No doubt, Wizkid had a poor background, he nevertheless made it to the top. Wizkid believes in tactical investments than conspicuous spending as have always reflected in the lifestyle of Davido.

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Again, while Davido is more of a socialite who spends at the slightest motivation. Wizkid, though another socialite, always spends with caution. The reason behind this not far-fetched. Davido is born and brought with a golden spoon, whereas Wizkid was born in a very poor Nigerian family. In the street of Lagos, Wizkid had to workout his salvation by himself. At the age of 14 he was still having wishful dreams with little or no resources to pursue them. By then Davido was already flexing life in Alabama United State of America.

Therefore, the lifestyle of Davido is a reflection of affluence and security. He has never experienced poverty and neither would he ever do.

So, let no man say that “David is bragging, pompous or claiming”. He is only rich and privileged. And so should enjoy all the wealth within his reach because he was born great.

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The lifestyle of Davido may not be encouraging, educative or even moral because of his highest propensity to slam people at his slightest provocation, but then, his style of living, enjoyment, and spending is more FUN than anyone ever. It is therefore the dream of every man.

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