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Disadvantages of Mango | Disadvantages of Eating Mango | Eating Mangoes Everyday

Disadvantages of Mango.

Disadvantages of Mango.

While it is medically recommended for people to eat mango, there are however some risks that are primarily associated to taken it too much.

Thus, life is best enjoyed when people know how to moderate their actions. Thus in-order to be medically fit at all times, you should always know the best type of food to take, at what time you should take such food  and above all,  the quantity of food you should always consume.

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Therefore, just as the advantages of eating mangoes are too numerous, that is how the disadvantages of eating too much mangoes are uncountable.

However, we are only going to list the basic risks that are attached to eating too much mango. These risk or disadvantages are too numerous but we are nevertheless going to outline the top ones in the list.

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Disadvantages of Eating Mango

Eating too much mangoes can cause the following harms to the body:

1.  Obesity or Excessive Increase in  Weight: This is because of the presence of  too much calories in mango which is the major factor for increment in weight.

2. Diabetes: This is because of the presence of too much  sugar in mango which is the major cause of diabetes.

3. Sore Throat: Although this can only happened when you do not eat the right mango, for instance, when you eat a spoiled or unripe mango

4. Arthritis: This is because mango does not have a good quantity of calcium.

5. Damages in the Eyes, Digestion, and Blood: Especially when you eat too much raw mangoes.

6. Constipation , Fever or Urticaria:  Especially if you are eating immature mangoes

7. Dermatitis: Studies have shown that mango contains a chemical called urushiol. For sensitive individuals, urushiol can cause an allergic skin rash on contact.

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