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Gmail Account Sign Up – Free Gmail Registration – Homepage

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Here is a step by step guide on how to do a  free Gmail Account Sign Up. Gmail account sign up is also known as gmail account registration. Thus, gmail account sign up is generally free.

Gmail account offers you powerful spam and virus protection.

It features are very much easy to use.

It offers you at all time the opportunity to manage your mails and files

Although gmail services is free, but it benefits are just more than free services

The benefits of free gmail registration  are too numerous

For instance, if you make your free gmail registration, you will have the privilege to access so many tools and great features of gmail services.

You can be able to keep your work safe and become more efficient.

Meanwhile, it is important you know all the advantages that are attached in creating a gmail account.

These advantages, like i have said before are too numerous, but lets consider the most obvious ones.


The following below are the advantages of gmail account sign up.

Gmail registration offers you:

1 The opportunity to access online any where. So, with your gmail account you can be able to download unlimited application software in your mobile devices. You can also be able to download movies, online documents etc.

2. Security of data: Gmail service is most secured. With your gmail account, you will be able to store your documents. you will also be able to retrieve such document at any time of your choice. Thus, gmail service offers unlimited protection of data store on gmail account. Gmail account is the best online storage system in this dispensation.

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3. Free service: Like we  have earlier posited, gmail offers a free email services to it registered user.

4. Synchronization with Outlook.

5. The opportunity to store Instant Messages (IM) and video conferencing.

6 Easy search and organization. etc.

Thus, now that we have summarized some of the major advantages of gmail sign up or gmail registration. Lets proceed on the step by step guide on how to do gmail account sign up or registration.

Meanwhile  if you want to do your gmail sign up, you will only need a few minutes and it’s easier than ever.

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However, when you are about to do your gmail sign up or free gmail registration, there are few things worth consideration

Such as your:





You must know that, your primary username in Gmail is the username you choose when you create a new email account.

Furthermore, it is not possible for you to change your Gmail username after you’ve registered.

So you should know the username that will best fit your purpose of creating your gmail account.

This is to avoid making you to be going through the stress of creating another account,

You are expected to choose a username that will fit your purpose of creating the gmail account.

Thus, choose a private username where it is for a private purpose.

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Meanwhile, you are expected to use professional or business username where it is for professional or business purposes respectively.

In conclusion, make sure your username defines your purpose.


Just like your username, your email address must reflect your purpose of creating your gmail account.

Where it is for a professional purpose, you must endeavor to create a professional email address.

Meanwhile, your private email must not be professional.

Further, the choice of your email address is very vital.

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For instance, the email address represent the company or person who is sending the mail. So, where you are creating the gmail account for your company or business, you should endeavor to do that with your company or business name. What this means is that you cannot be able to change your email address once it is created. it stays permanent.


Your password is the secret word or phrase that you will use to gain admission or access to you gmail account.

So when creating your gmail account, you should endeavor to create a strong password to avoid some one hacking into your account.

Meanwhile, at the same time you should endeavor to make sure you use a memorable password.


To sign up to a free gmail account is free simple and easy.

just follow the following steps below to sign up.

STEP 1 Visit Create your Google Account for Gmail.

STEP 2. Enter your first and last name in the Name section.

STEP 3 Type your desired username under Choose your username.

STEP 4. Enter a password for your Gmail account under both Create a password and Confirm your password. …

STEP 5 Click Next.

STEP 6. You are asked to verify your phone number.

STEP 7 Enter your mobile phone number and an alternate email address for account verification and authorization.

STEP 8 Enter your birth date and gender in the fields provided.

STEP 9 Click Next.

STEP 10 Read the Privacy and Terms and then click I Agree to continue.

STEP 11 That’s it. You’re done. Once you click I Agree you’re taken to the My Account page for the email address you just created. From there, you can sign into your account, manage your personal information, and set your account preferences.

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