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How To Change Mobile Number In Gmail Account

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How To Change Mobile Number In Gmail Account!

If you have a Google account that is linked to phone number that you are no more using and because of that you want to remove it add and add the current one you are using, here is steps on how to do it just in few seconds.

Meanwhile, a Gmail account is a free Google account with an email address that ends in This account they must used online account in the world. With G-mail account you can be able to send email, send instant text messages, voice or video calls, create filters to automatically manage your incoming mail, save your important documents online, create or subscribe for different account online, receive news updates and promotions, and even many more.

Therefore, to manage and explore all the wonderful features that are associated to Google/G-mail account, it is very important a registered user of G-mail should at all time linked his/her mobile number to his/her G-mail account.

Similarly, where a registered user though have linked his/her mobile number to his/her G- mail account, but lost the mobile number along the line, such registered has two options:

  • To recover the lost mobile number through the help of his/her net work providers, or
  • To change that mobile number in his/her email account.

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In this article therefore, we are going to guide you on how to change your mobile number in your G-mail account.

Importance of Linking your mobile number to your G-mail account.

As you know that there are so many advantages associated to using Google(G-mail) account. Your mobile number that is linked to your Gmail account help you to receive some important notification while using your account on Google. For instance if you want to change the password of your account, you may be required to enter the mobile number that is linked to your account and thereafter would further be required to enter the code that would be sent to you by Google before setting (recovering) your password (login details). This is nevertheless one of the critical aspect of using your Google account. It helps you to know one when an intruder or hacker is trying to intrude into your privacy or hack into your account.

How To Change Your Mobile Number In Gmail Account.

Simply follow this steps below:

Step 1. Follow this URL to the Google account login page.

Step 2. Enter your login details (your G-mail address or phone number and then your password) to login to your Gmail account.

Step 3. Now click the avatar or your profile icon at the upper-right section of any page to open your account menu.

Step 4. At the left section of the page, click on the “SECURITY” tab.

Step 5. Scroll down a little and then click on “Recovery phone”. There you will see the mobile number that is currently linked to the account.

Step 6. Enter your password again and click Sign In.

Step 7. Change your mobile number using the “edit Icon“. You can also delete your number if you wish by using “Delete Icon“.

Step 8. Finally, click the “UPDATE” tab to complete the process on How To Change Mobile Number In Gmail Account.

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