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How To Deactivate Whatsapp Account | How To Delete WhatsApp Account

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How To Deactivate Whatsapp Account

Are you fed up using your WhatsApp Account? Do you wish to know how to deactivate or permanently delete your WhatsApp Account?

If any of your answers in the above questions is in the affirmative, then you are in the right place.

Therefore, in this article we are going to guide you on:

1.  How to temporarily disable your Whatsapp Account

2. How to permanently delete your WhatsApp Account, etc

However, lets first consider some of the brief advantages of Whatsapp.

Benefits And Brief History Of Whatsapp

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app. This app allows users to exchange or share messages, photos, contacts, videos, and even make video calls without having to pay any money or a dime.

Brian Acton and Jan Koum are the founders of WhatsApp in 2009. Meanwhile the due were former employees of Yahoo!. Although they leave Yahoo! in September 2007, they have once applied to work for Facebook some time ago but they were rejected.

How To Deactivate Whatsapp Account

To temporally disable your WhatsApp account is very simple and easy.

We have so many ways or perhaps methods of deactivating a WhatsApp account.

So all you can follow any of these methods below:


Step 1: Go to your phone setting, then check your installed apps.

Step 2: Now click on the installed apps,

Step 3: Again click on the currently running apps

Step 4: At this stage, you will see all the apps that are currently running in your phone, then click on that Whatsapp if you wish to deactivate your account for the main time.  That will automatically deactivate (disable) your WhatsApp account.

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Step 1: Go to your Settings on your Android Phone.

Step 2: Click on your Accounts button

Step 3: Then click on WhatsApp & Turn Off Sync Contacts


Step 1: Go to your Settings on your phone

Step 2: Then click on Applications

Step 3: Click on Application Manager

Step 4: Again click on WhatsApp

Step 5: Now click on FORCE STOP button.


Step 1: Go to your app settings

Step 2: Then click on the app info

Step 3: Now click on the clear data key.


Step 1: Uninstall WhatsApp in your phone


Step 1: You can simply Delete your account: This will temporarily deactivate (disable) your account for a period not less than 30 days before it will be finally deleted from the WhatsApp database. 
Meanwhile, when you install it back within that period of 30 days you will then have to create the account again and restore all your awaiting messages and data.

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