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How To Delete Hitwe Account – Deactivate Hitwe 

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How To Delete Hitwe Account.

We are going to  guide you on how to delete your hitwe account.

We shall also give you alternative methods of managing your account instead of deleting it.

Meanwhile, Hitwe is an online dating and social networking app.

Hitwe was launched in December 2015.

Hitwe is setup for the purpose of bringing people together within an internet  platform.

It is on record, that Hitwe have been reputed one of the best free social discovery with more than 100 million registered users.

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Meanwhile, great number of persons have met and made new friends through the Hitwe platform. And many are still doing that.

So, Hitwe is a social networking app, which user used to meet people online, chat them, and  build nice  relationship with new friends.

While you may wish to delete your  hitwe account, it is good you consider the application of doing that.

Firstly, if you delete your hitwe account, you will not be able to connect with friends online through the hitwe platform.

Secondly, all your data will be deleted from the hitwe database.

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Thus if your major reason of wanting to delete your account is because of fake profiles on the hitwe website, which have deceived great number of persons.

We recommend to you to stay calm, and continue with the social platform as there are still genuine or non counterfeit profiles in the hitwe website.

Meanwhile, if there is any other reason outside this, you can follow any of these methods to delete your account.

We have two methods of deleting hitwe account, namely;

1 Through Email
2 And through website

 Through Email

To do this may take you a period of 48 hours or less.

Follow these simple steps to delete your hitwe account through your email.

1 Open your email account that is registered with the website.

2 Compose an email and enter the email address

See how to compose a mail for the deletion of an online account.


4. Send the email to

Now you have done your part, wait as the take time to delete your account.

Delete Account Through The Website.

This method is the most simple and easiest  way of deleting a hitwe account.

This can only take you 2 minis or there about.

Follow these steps below to delete your account.

1 Go to the following URL “” and sign-in with your account.

2 Once sign-in click on your Profile Icon on the top right side of the page

3 On the drop down menu click on SETTINGS.

4 On Settings page click on link Security.

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5 On Security Page locate and click on Profile Deactivation

6  Now your profile is deactivated and your data will be invisible from users.

7. Once deactivated click on REMOVE RIGHT NOW button to permanently delete your account.

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Meanwhile, you can comment and share your problem with us in the comment box below.

Also don’t forget to share this article on your social media platform, if it is helpful to you.


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