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How To Delete Quiz of Kings Account – Simple Steps

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How To Delete Quiz of Kings Account.

Have you been looking for how to delete your Quiz of Kings Account.

Here are simple steps to follow when you want to delete your account from the app.

Meanwhile, Quiz of Kings is an online social game in which users are allowed to make friends and compete with them.

Quiz Of Kings is a smart and free game. User are not charged for the service of playing playing Quiz of Kings games.

Also, Because of it free nature, great number of people prefer Quiz Of Kings game.

Although, someone who have created a Quiz Of Kings account may wish to delete it.

Thus, this article is primarily centered on the steps to follow while deleting your Quiz of Kings Account from the app.

How To Delete Quiz of Kings Account – Simple Steps

For now,  there is only one way to delete your account from Quiz of Kings app. Although, the developers of Quiz of Kings may currently be working in the app, so as to add it other features, including an alternative way of deleting user’s account from Quiz of Kings.

Meanwhile, the only way of deleting Quiz of Kings is through user’s email.

Thus, follow these steps below to delete your account and also get your data/ information cleared off from the data base of Quiz of Kings app.

During this could be a little bit technical, but here is what to do.

1 Open your email account that is registered with the website. For instance,

2. Compose an email and enter the email address that is registered with the website.

3 Choose the Subject Type of the mail. It must have this subject “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.

4.  In the body of the mail,  write your genuine reason for requesting for the deleting of the account.

5.  After, you have written and sent the mail to the company, the company shall effect your request before 24 hours from the time the letter was sent.

Deleting your account with the company makes all your data with the company to be cleared and may not be recovered again.

Meanwhile, you may wish to recreate another Quiz of Kings account, if you so wish.


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