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How To Delete Tinder Account – Deactivate Tinder Account

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How To Delete Tinder Account.

Are you fed up using your tinder dating account, or do you have any other reason to delete your tinder account.

Don’t worry, we are going to give you a step by step guide on how to deactivate or delete your Tinder account.

So, all you need to is to follow all the simple guide we are going to give you here. This simple guide will help you to deactivate or delete your tinder account at easy.

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Meanwhile, lets first consider the features and essence of Tinder dating site and app.

So, Tinder is a “hookup” and location-based social search mobile app, designed to facilitate fleeting sexual encounters.
The app allows users to like or dislike other.
It also allows users to chat each other online.
Although this can be possible when both parties like each other in the app.
Currently, Tinder is reputed one of the top ranking dating app (site) in the world.
The app has as it official website.

Meanwhile, Tinder was launched in 12th September 2012.

But despite all these great features of Tinder dating app, some users may still wish to delete their Tinder account, for one reason or the other.

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However, If your reason of deleting your Tinder account is email spamming then we are recommending to you two other better options then to delete your Tinder account.

Firstly, you can mark the mail as spam while opening your mail.
Secondly, you can unsubscribe from their newsletter by clicking unsubscribe button given at the bottom of the mail you received.

In which case, you account will not be deleted from their database or app.

Note therefore the implication of deleting your Tinder Account.
It means that you would not be able to access the dating site or app again.

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Currently, we are going to guide you on the best method to follow and delete your Tinder account.
These method areas follows:

  • Through Tinder Mobile App and
  • Tinder website

Delete Tinder Account Through Mobile App

You account will be permanently deleted through this method.

Although, this method is very simple and easy.

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All you need to do is to follow this step by step guide to delete your account.

So below is How To Delete Tinder Account via mobile app.

Open your Tinder App in your mobile device.

Enter your account login details like your username or Email ID & password and then login to your account.

Meanwhile, click on the “Profile” icon.

Similarly.  select the Delete Account button.
The delete account button is  at the bottom of the menu, below the Tinder logo and version number.

Now tap the Delete My Account link.
This option is at the bottom of the screen.

Furthermore, select a reason for wanting to delete your Tinder Account.
Select one reason on this page.
At this page, Select ” I’M NOT GETTING ANY MATCHES” to continue.

Now select a follow-up reason in this page.
So you can see the options like “I NEED A BREAK FROM TINDER” or “I MET SOMEONE”,
Where you skip the options you will be required to  select “OTHERS” as your reason for deleting your Tinder Account.
Furthermore, if you choose “Others” you will be required to type in your genuine reason for wanting to delete your tinder account.

Finally, submit your request by clicking on the “Submit & Delete Account” button. When you do this, you account is going to be deleted permanently from Tinder App or data base.

Tinder website

Note  therefore that, the best alternative method of deleting your Tinder Account is through the Tinder website.
This method is very easy and simple.
Just follow these steps below to delete your account.

In your browser, kindly go to
The above web address is the Tinder official website.

Go to the sign in page and login with your login details. 
Your login details are your Email ID or username and password.

Click on My Profile.
This button is at the top-left corner of the page.
Meanwhile, this will automatically direct your to “account settings”.

Furthermore, scroll down to the bottom of the page with your mouse cursor.
Now Click on the “Delete Account” Button

Now you are going to see something like:
“Are you sure you want to delete your account?”
Again, click on the “DELETE ACCOUNT” button to confirm that you are sure you want to delete you account.

Note therefore that, doing that will make your account to be permanently deleted from Tinder database.
You will not be able to access all the features of Tinder dating app (site) again.
However, if you wish to create another account with the site you have all the chances.

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