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How To Delete Waplog Account – Deactivate Waplog Account

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How To Delete Waplog Account.

We are going to guide you on the the best step to permanently delete your waplog Account. 

We shall teach you the alternative methods of deleting waplog account without finding difficult.

Meanwhile, we shall also guide you on how to deactivate your Waplog Account.

All you need to do is to follow all the guideline we shall give you.

We assure you of better approaches or methods of deleting Waplog Account.

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So, Waplog is a free dating app.

It is reputed one of the fastest growing dating app in the glob.
It has over 60 million singles from more than 50 countries.
Thus, this app gives it users the opportunity to chat, flirt and even date beautiful ladies and promising young men online.

Furthermore, great number of men across the glob usually resort to using this best free dating app to find new dates, meet, chat and match with people online.

Although, often time, people that are always being met online are always people that are nearby.

Waplog is rated among the fastest growing dating app because it is very easy to find someone to chat, match, meet and date.

Waplog is an enjoyable dating site to join because it is easy to find a perfect matches any time any day.

Similarly waplog is free for use and also safe way to meet, chat, match, make new friends with new people for the best dating experience.

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Users also enjoy “Live Chat” with their friends in the waplog platform. The success story today is that so many persons have found their soulmate through the waplog platform.

But despite all these good features of waplog, some users may still wish to delete their waplog account, either because of one reason or the other.

Meanwhile, If your reason of deleting your  waplog account is email spamming then we are recommending to you two other better options then to delete your waplog account.

First, you can mark the mail as spam while opening your mail.
Secondly, you can unsubscribe from their newsletter by clicking unsubscribe button given at the bottom of the mail you received.

In which case, you account will not be deleted from their database or app.

Note therefore, the implication of deleting your Waplog Account.
Deleting your Waplog Account means that you would not be able to access all those good features of this dating website.

Currently, we are going to guide you on the best methods to follow and delete your Waplog account.
These methods are as follow: Delete Your Waplog account by

  • Sending Mail and
  • Through the waplog  website.

1. Delete Waplog Account By Sending Mail

This method is very simple. But it will nevertheless take you a period of 48 hours or less.

To delete your account through this method follow this steps:

1 Open your email account that is registered with the website.

2 Compose an email and enter the email address

See how to compose a mail for the deletion of an online account.


4. Send the email to

Now you have done your part, wait as they effect the deletion of your account.

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2. Through The  Website.

Follow these steps below to delete your waplog account through their website.  It is very simple and easy.

1 Go to their website

2 Now  log in to your account.

3 Clicking on your name in the right top corner to go to your ‘account settings’


5  Now confirm that you want to remove your profile.

6  You will receive a mail in the email address you used and registered your account

7 The title of the mail  is WAPLOG – DELETE PROFILE

8 Now enter your password to complete the process.

9 Now your account have been successfully deleted from their database.

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