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How To Delete Whatsapp Account – Simple Steps

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How To Delete Whatsapp Account.

We are going to couch you on the simplest steps to follow while deleting your whatsapp account.

Thus, WhatsApp Messenger is a software that is available free of charge that allows for cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service.

It was launched in the year 2009 but owned by Facebook company.

Meanwhile, this free software allows user to send text messages and voice calls, as well as video calls, images and other media, documents, and user location.

Whatsapp have been reputed one of the most convenient social network in the glob. Because of it convenient nature, great number of people have created whatsapp account, for the purpose of reaching out to love ones, friends and colleagues.

But despite the convenient nature of whatsapp account, one may still wish to delete his whats account.

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Thus, our team of experts have made a great research concerning the most convenient method of deleting whatsapp account, for users who may wish to delete theirs.

But after all these research, will observed that your whatsapp account can only be deleted through one method

Below is the only method to delete your whatsapp account.

  • Whatsapp Account Delete through the  App.

Steps On How To Delete Whatsapp Account Through The  App.

If you follow this steps, you are going to delete your whatspp account permanently.

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When you delete your account permanently, you will not be able to access your whatsapp again.

For instance, you will NOT be allowed to send text messages and voice calls, as well as  to do video calls, send images and other media, documents, and user location.

But you can however create another whatsapp account again if you so wish.

delete your account permanently by following these steps below.

The process is very simple and easy.

It can only take you 2 minis or there about.

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1 Make sure your gadget is connected online

2. Then open your App whatsapp app.

3 Go to the main menu

4.  Then select the Setting button

5 Now tap on the  Account Option.

6 At the end of account tab option you will  find “delete account option”.

7 The select the delete account and follow the process.

Now, you account will be deleted immediately.

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