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How To Do Gmail Account Recovery – Simple Steps

Do Your Gmail Account Recovery.

In case you have forgotten your Gmail account but you are still willing to make use of the account, all hopes are not lost, this is because here we are going to state to your a comprehensive guidelines which you will follow and recover your gmail account.

All you need to do is to follow the steps which will shall list for you, then we can assure you of recovering your gmail account.

Furthermore, it is good to note that these steps for gmail account recovery is reputed one of the easiest steps one can follow for the purpose of gmail account recovery.

Meanwhile this  article is basically on how to recover your gmail login details.

So, have you forgotten your Gmail Login password and username?

Then follow these steps below;

          1 Log on to https://accounts.google.com/signin/v2/recoveryidentifier?flowName OR simply Logon to your Gmail.com login page

          2. Click on the  “Forgot password

3. Fill in the Gmail account recovery form with the email address you would like to recover your lost gmail account.

fill in your details, such as the phone number or Gmail account you used and created the account which you should like to use and recover your account.

         4. HERE Gmail will institute a verification process to confirm that you are the owner of the account by asking you some questions.

 5. When you filling you gmail account, you will see a question like, ”Enter the last password you remember using with this Google Account”

Enter the password, and then continue.

6. However, where you cannot enter the last password you remember using with that Google Account, it is expected of your to filling your recovery phone number, where such question is asked.

         7.  Where you cannot answer the questions asked or no longer have access to a secondary email address or phone number just click on “Try a different question”.

Gmail Account Recovery Verification

Meanwhile there about five methods in which you can verify or  recover your gmail account , each of this method has its own peculiar approach.

These five methods of gmail account verification and recovery are as follows

1. Gmail account recovery using previous password

2. Gmail account recovery using using a code

3. Gmail account recovery using Phone number

4. Gmail account recovery using secondary email address

5. Gmail account recovery using security question

Gmail Recovery using previous password

When you are filling you gmail account, you will see a question like, ”Enter the last password you remember using with this Google Account”

When you do that you will be sent a password or link by google, which you will use and reset your account.

Gmail  Recovery using using a code

This method is actually based on the verification method set up for Second Step authentication. So you can get your code via:
1. An SMS from Google.

2. An app like Google Authenticator.

3. Printed back-up.

Gmail  Recovery using Phone number

Under this method, you will be required to filling in the number you used and created the gmail account.

This method is the most widely used.

It is very simple and easy.

You will receive an SMS text message from Google which will contain your verification code.

Gmail Recovery using secondary email address

Gmail recovery can also be done using a secondary gmail address.

Usually, during the creation of a gmail account,  google would always request for a secondary email address..

Where a person provided a secondary google account, he can simply filling the account, and therein receives his verification code or link in the gmail account.

Account Recovery using security questions

Where a person can not follow any of the above methods in recovering his/her gmail account, such a person have the chances to do it through another method.

And that method is by answering security questions from google.

Such a person would answer questions like,

  1. what is your date of birth?
  2. which month did you create your gmail account? etc.

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