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How to Eat Papaya | Pawpaw Nutritional Facts  and Health Benefits 

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How to Eat Papaya.

How to Eat Papaya.

At the end of this article, you should be able to know all the pawpaw nutritional facts and health benefits. You will  also  know how to eat  or enjoy papaya.

Therefor, all we expect from you is just to calm down and  carefully go through this wonderful piece of information.

Meanwhile,  by the time you will finish going through this article you shall have every reason to rejoice.

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Now for the purpose of understand this article better, lets first consider the between “Papaya” and “pawpaw”

Papaya and pawpaw are two different types of fruits, although some people use these two words interchangeably, which is not actually right.

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The Difference Between Papaya and Pawpaw

1.  Papaya is small in size than  pawpaw
2. Meanwhile,  pawpaw has a yellow flesh, whereas papaya has an orange or red flesh
3. Pawpaw is of the scientific family Annonaceae, while papaya is of the scientific family Caricaceae.

The Difference Between Papaya and Pawpaw

Pawpaw looks like a cross between a mango and a green potato. The skin color of pawpaw ranges from green to yellow. It botanical name is Asimina triliba

How to Eat Papaya

Although in some countries, especially in Africa and North America papaya is widely called pawpaw.

Similarly, some persons believe that Papaya and pawpaw are the same, their reason is that papaya comes from a part of the scientific name of pawpaw, which is Carica papaya.

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Pawpaw Nutritional Facts

One small papaya (152 grams) contains:

1. Some amount of calcium and magnesium
2. Vitamins B1, B3, B5, E and K.

3. Vitamin C: 157% of the RDI
4. Vitamin A: 33% of the RDI
5. Folate (vitamin B9): 14% of the RDI
6. Potassium: 11% of the RDI
7. Calories: 59
8. Carbohydrates: 15 grams
9. Fiber: 3 grams
10. Protein: 1 gram etc.

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How to Eat Papaya

There are so many ways to eat papaya.

However we are going to guide you on the most easiest way to enjoy your it.

1. The first step to take is to make sure you choose a ripe papaya.  It is best enjoy when it is cold.

2. Wash your papaya very well before proceeding to the next stage.

3. Peel and remove it back.

4. Now cut the papaya in half

5. Then scrape out the seeds with a spoon or with your bare hand

6. Now slice or cut your papaya into small sizes

7. Congratulations, you can now enjoy your papaya.

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