How To Log Out Of Your Facebook Account On Laptop or PC.

Did you just log on your Facebook account on laptop and you don’t know how to log out, if yes, then you don’t need to bother, because we are going to guide you on how to log out of your account. In this article we are going to outline for you, simple and workable steps on how to log out of your account on Personal Computer (PC).

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Meanwhile, Facebook is the most used social media that enables registered user to send instant text message, video and voice call, create group and page for business, follow news updates, upload and download movies, musics, get the latest news updates and even lot more. These and more are features of Facebook which people log on to their account to explore. Unfortunately however, some users of Facebook that use their PCs or laptops do not know how to log out of their account after that have finished performing series of action on the platform. The good news is that, below are steps on how to log out of your Facebook account on Laptop or PC.

How To Log Out Of Your Facebook Account On Laptop or PC.

Step 1. At the top right section of your Facebook home page, you will see a tiny ”Angle shape arrow“, click on it.

Step 2. If you just click on it once, a drop down menu will appear, scroll down and click on the “Log Out” tab, to logout of your account.

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