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How To Set Up Apple Pay |  General Guide

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How To Set Up Apple Pay.

How To Set Up Apple Pay could be very difficult for some one who have not really learnt it.

So it is good you learn this general guide on how to set up apple pay.

Meanwhile, Apple Pay is a feature introduced with iOS 8 for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ devices.

With this feature you can be able to use your phone to pay easily at major retailers.

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Apple Pay offers an easy, secure, and private way to pay on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. And now you can send and receive money with friends and family right in Messages.

However, Apple Pay isn’t available for children under 13. Age varies by country or region.

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Here Is How To Set  Up Your Apple Pay.

Follow the instructions below to effect your settings:

1 Your  iPhone must be compatible.

2. Now open the “Passbook and Apple Pay” settings
You can do this from the Settings app on your iOS device.

2. Then click on the link “Set Up Apply Pay”  You will see this link is in the “Credit and Debit Cards” box.

3. Click on the  “Add a new Credit or Debit Card” button to add a credit or debit card to Passbook

4 Now, the next thing now is to enter the information manually or use the photo detection feature to take a picture of your card

5. After that, you are required to accept the terms of conditions of the Apple Pay. You can do this by clicking on the  “Agree”  button in the lower right.

6.  Then complete  your verification. Here, you will need to verify by  choosing your verification option, then click the  “Next” button to proceed.

7. Simply click on the “Enter Code”  box to enter the verification code that they sent to you.

8.  Finally, type in the verification code and then click on the  “Next” button.

9. Now you are going to receive a  confirmation email message. Indicating that your account have being successfully set up. Congratulations!

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