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How To Stop Body Odor Forever  – Natural Health

Stop Body Odor Through Good Health Habit.

How To Stop Body Odor Forever.

In this article we are going to give the best approach to prevent body odor.

And this best method is the method we call the ‘Natural Health’ practices.

Meanwhile, body odor is one of the things that causes depressions.

Depression is more than just feeling “down.” It makes some one to lose his ego ( a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance).

This bad feeling have destroyed many people today.

Research have shown that people who have body odor do not usually have high esteem among their peers or when they are in a group.

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They always have this feeling of fear of being noticed that their body is smelling offensive.

Fortunately body odor  is treatable.

Meanwhile, with the help of deodorant,  (that is, substance like antiperspirant, body spray, perfume, scent) people or victims of body odor are beginning to control their body odor.

Unfortunately  all these deodorants (substances which removes or conceals unpleasant smells, especially bodily odors) are used for temporal prevention of body odor.

In this regard, we are going to guide you on the natural ways to fight body odor.

This natural way of prevent and fighting body odor, may be what you have known before. But we are going to modify it for you so as to make the practice easier.


Meanwhile, the best way of fighting this body odor is through this natural means. furthermore, it is also through this natural means that body odor can be stopped permanently. So follow these guidelines below.

Simply put, successful prevention of  body odor can only be achieved through the maintaining of proper body hygiene, otherwise known as the natural health. 

Therefore, using substance like antiperspirant, body spray, perfume, scent cannot stop body odor but can however prevent the rate of the offensive odor within that particular time.

So, you don’t even need to spend all your money buying deodorants but to focus much on proper body hygiene.

In the meantime, all you need to do to stop body odor is to form a good health habit / personal hygiene.

Personal Hygiene – Natural Health

Majorly, the cause of body odor is poor personal hygiene.

Therefore, to prevent or stop body odor you must form a good health habit by doing the following things:

1 Bathe Regularly To Stop Body Odor

Bathe Regularly To Stop Body Odor
Bathe Regularly To Stop Body Odor

Take a  bath at-least three time every day. 

Since childhood, we have always been advise to take our bath regularly.
If this is true, then our parents are not mistaken. Our parents know know the health benefit of taking bath regularly.

Each bath we take has a great propensity of removing stains and odor from our body. Our body system secrete fluid. This fluid when dry would start to produce offense smells. It will also produce bacteria that are capable of pulling down the body.

In fact, It is on record that majority of the sicknesses that are recorded in the developing countries are caused by poor hygienic and hunger or starvation.  In which case, body hygiene have always been the major cause.

For instance, a nursing mothers should always know that the proper health care of their babies is in great danger, when they  cannot take good care of their personal hygiene.

The general rule is that,  nursing mother should take their bath before and after breast feeding their babies. The reason therefore is because this fluid that is secreted in Their body is capable of making their body to be producing offensive odor.

The same goes to a pregnant mother, she should always take her bath so as to wash away all the fluid that might have secreted in the outer layer of her body.
This fluid are capable of breeding bacteria and consequently making her body to be producing offensive odor.

On a more serious note, some pregnancies have been lost because of poor personal hygienic of some pregnant mothers.

To girls within the puberty stage.  It is expected that they take good care of them selves.  Especially taking their bath at least three times every day.

The boys and of cause every body is not alone in this business of proper body hygiene.

Taking bath always has so many health benefit which include but not limited to

  • Prevention or stopping (of) body odor
  • Enhancement of proper growth system
  • Prevention of disease
  • It  also promotes our self esteem among our peers or when we are in the public, etc.

In conclusion, each bath we take has the propensity of fighting our body odor and enhancing our proper growth system. So to stop body odor you must take your bath always.

2 Wash Your Cloths 

To Stop Body Odor Wash Your Cloths 
To Stop Body Odor Wash Your Cloths

I doubt if their is any body who does not know the health benefit of washing the cloth, unless if it is an insane person.

Unwashed cloths could make the body to be producing bad smells.

If this is true, then there is every need for you to wash your cloth always. If you noticed that you already have a body odor, and your sincerely wish to stop it. Then all your cloth must always be clean.

Accordingly, dirty clothes can harbor microorganisms, and wearing clothes with these microorganisms on them can lead to skin infections and consequently to body odor.

Thus, if you most stop your body odor, you must not  wear any cloth more than once.

Furthermore, when you wash your cloth always allow it to dry properly before using it. The wet in the cloth is capable of producing gems within a shortest possible time. These organisms are the immediate causes of body odor.

3. Brush and Floss To Stop Body Odor

Brush and floss to Stop Body Odor
Brush and floss to Stop Body Odor

The general rule is that you should also keep your mouth clean. Bad odors that normally come from the mouth is usually more than the ones that come from the outer layer the body.

To address this, brush and floss is the answer.

Meanwhile, the practice of brushing the teeth after  after every meal is reputed a good health habit.  It is expected that you brush your brush your teeth at least  twice a day and floss daily.

Thus, brushing minimizes the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth, which can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Flossing the teeth helps maintain strong, healthy gums. On a more serious note, unhealthy gums can cause your teeth to loosen, which makes it difficult to chew and to eat properly.

4 Shave Public And Private Hairs To Prevent / Stop Body Odor

Shave public and private hairs to stop body odor
Shave public and private hairs to stop body odor

While it is advisable we shave these hairs is that, often time bacteria would use these zones, (private and public hairs) as breeding ground. And consequently making the body to be producing bad odors.

Also, heat and sweat can develop bacteria around the crotch which may become the brooding area for many diseases such as unwanted warts or rashes. This will  also to excessive body odor.

However, if you don’t want to shave them, you can trim them at regular interval.

5 Change your diet

Change your diet

Change your diet if need be.

The idea of change your diet for the purpose of stopping body odor is not for every one.

But it is however for every one who like eating strong-smelling foods such as garlic, curry, and onions, etc. These food are capable of seeping through your pores and causing body odor

Thus, sometimes, it could be the high rate of consumption of  fatty foods or oils that causes the excessive sweating in our body. When these sweats are not properly washed on time, they will cause the body to breed bacteria and consequently body odor.

6 Drink Adequate Amounts of Water

Drink Adequate Amounts of Water

The practice of drinking adequate water is not new.

First, it prevents dehydration of the body. Drinking much water helps the body to wash away dirty from the outer layers of the body. some gems may have accumulated in in the outer layers of your body, it is by taking adequate water and taking your bath often that these bacteria can be washed out from your body. And consequently preventing your from having body odor.

Of a recent, there are many different opinions on how much water you should be drinking every day.

Although, it is on record that Health authorities have recommend eight 8-ounce glasses. This eight 8-ounce glasses is  equals to  about 2 liters, or half a gallon.

Finally, take as much water as you can and also take your bath always to help your body get ride of odor.

In conclusion, body odor is caused as a result of poor body hygiene and as such it can only be stopped through proper maintains of the body hygiene.

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