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How To Transfer Files Using Wetransfer | How To Use WeTransfer to Share File

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How To Transfer Files Using Wetransfer is very simple, though a little bit technical.

But you do not have to worry because we are going to guide you on how to use WeTranser to share large files.

Meanwhile, WeTransfer is an internet-based computer file transfer service. That allows users to transfer large files at easy.

One of the reasons a great number of persons prefer using WeTransfer is because it lets the users share large files of almost any format. So users don’t have to disturb themselves even if they are transferring files that are up to 2gb.

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Transferring these files is always very convenient but with some minor technicalities.

Therefore, if you wish to make good use of WeTranfer, below is a workable step on how to transfer files using the system.

How To Transfer Files Using Wetransfer

Follow these steps below to use WeTransfer to share large Files.

Step 1. Simply go to the browser on the computer where the file you want to share is located.
Step 2. Now type in your address bar and then click on it to take you to the Wetransfer home page.

Step 3. Click on Agree.
Step 4. Click on Add Files.
Step 5. Locate the file that you want to upload and click open.
Step 6. Now click on “Your Email” and add your email address.
Step 7. Again click on “Transfer”. When you do this, it will immediately upload your file and you will receive an email from Wetransfer with a download link to download the file.
Step 8. Now open your email and find the download link.
Step 9. Then log in to server and open a browser (Google Chrome is recommended)
Step 10. Then copy the download URL from email and paste it in the address bar and click enter.
Step 11. Now click on the“Download” button to download the file.
Step 12. Find the downloaded file at the left bottom of Google Chrome window.
Step 13. Click on the arrow pointing to downward and click on “Show in folder”.
Step 14. Now right-click file and select copy and paste it to the desired folder.

Meanwhile To upload multiple files follow this simple instruction.
Step 15. Simply create a folder on your computer
Step 16. Rename the folder to upload)
Step 17. Now copy and paste all files on this folder.
Step 18. Again locate the folder and right-click on it.
Step 19. Click on Sent to and select Compressed Folder.
Step 20. Immediately it will create a zip folder.
Step 21. Now you can upload this folder using the above steps

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