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How To Use OpenVPN On Android | OpenVPN Connect Setup

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Here is a comprehensive tutorial on How To Use the OpenVPN On Android Devices.

This tutorial is timely and very important. Before now, we have received series of mail from people asking us to guide them on how to setup OpenVPN for their android devices.

Thus, after some researches, we have come to publish this timely guideline on how to use OpenVPN, especially for android devices.

Meanwhile, the OpenVPN is open-source commercial software. The software implements virtual private network techniques to create secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections in routed or bridged configurations and remote access facilities. The software also uses a custom security protocol that utilizes SSL/TLS for key exchange.

Thus, it suffice to say that the OpenVPN is a common VPN protocol that is most definitely safe to use and, with the right VPN provider, can be simple to set up, as well.

How To Use OpenVPN On Android

Note that the OpenVPN Connect application can be used as an alternative way to connect to NordVPN servers on your Android device.

Although the manual connection method is much more technical, it is only recommended for advanced android users.

Follow these steps below:

Step 1. Download a configuration file for a recommended server, that will be necessary later.
***Thus, Open your browser and go to their server picker here.
***Tap on Show available protocols button.

Step 2. Download the configuration file depending on the connection protocol you want to use.
***TCP is more for connection stability and browsing the web.
***UDP is more for streaming services and speed with higher risk of instability.

Step 3. Go to the Google Play Store.
Step 4. Tap on the Search Google Play button.
Step 5. Search for the OpenVPN Connect application.
Step 6. Launch the application from your home screen or menu.
***On the following window, select OVPN Profile button.

Step 7. A similar permissions prompt window should be received:
Step 8. Click Allow and navigate to the folder that you have downloaded the OpenVPN configuration file to.
***By default, it should be in the download folder.
***Make sure that OVPN is selected (as displayed in the screenshot), then select the files you want to import and press the IMPORT button on the upper-right corner.

Step 9. On the following window, enter any title for the connection and your NordVPN account credentials.
***Then press the Add button.

Step 10. Now, after you have successfully configured the connection, click on the switch button next to the OpenVPN profile to initiate the connection.
Step 11. The application will ask you for permissions, necessary for the VPN connection.
Click the OK button.

Step 12. On the following prompt, click on the Continue button.

Step 13. If the connection is successful, you will see a similar window to the one below.
****There you can see a piece of extensive information about your connection, such as current data throughput or duration.

Step 14. To disconnect, simply press the switch button next to the OpenVPN profile name and toggle it off.

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