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How To Use pCloud Transfer Platform | pCloud Transfer

How To Use pCloud Transfer Platform

pCloud transfer is a type of service that is specially designed for pCloud users.

So this allows users to send multiple files up to 5GB for free.
To use this transfer services you don’t need to be a registered user.

Meanwhile, lets first know the meaning and functions of pCloud before we can go a little further on How To Us pCloud Transfer.

Thus pCloud is a desktop application that helps you to create a secure virtual drive on your computer.

A virtual drive is a software component that emulates an actual disk drive, such as an optical disc drive, a floppy disk drive, or a hard disk drive. This virtual drive looks and behaves like an actual physical device.

You can use the secure virtual drive to easily store, access and work with your files in the cloud.

Furthermore, the service also allows users to share integrated files and synchronization through their computers.

pCloud is a very secure and easy-to-use service. It even allows users to store up to 10GB for free. isn’t that amazing?

pCloud also offers lifetime plans for up to 2TB. With the service storing of files, easier is as simple as ABC.

In fact pCloud most preferred more than many of its competitors.

So It is the user’s personal cloud storage space where they can store all their files and folders easily.

For some reason, the interface of the service is user-friendly, for instance, the interface neatly shows where everything is located and what it does.
So the service is available for you to use now.

Additionally, pCloud software is available on iOS and Android devices, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

So users can access this service with almost any device.

So if you install the app on your computer, it will create a secure virtual drive that will expand your local storage space.

Note that all the changes that you may make in your pCloud will be seen immediately on your devices, such as your tablet, smartphone or even computer.

After, that your devices will immediately be synchronized and you will have direct file access to any update you make. So have you seen that this service is very important?

How To Use pCloud Transfer Platform

As we have noted earlier, this service allows users to explore the joy of sharing files with their friends and colleagues, without being registered. And even the users that would also receive the files from you don’t even need to be registered users. In fact, the system is truly very simple and easy.

Below is how to explore this wonderful service.

Follow these steps below to familiarize your service on how to use the service.

Step 1. Simply go to the following URL “” i.e the pCloud new file transfer platform
Step 2. Now enter your coworkers, friends’ or recipients’ email.
Step 3. Enter your own email address.
Step 4. Now add the files that you want to send.
Step 5. Write a message to the recipient explaining details of the content you are sending.
Step 6. Click on Send.
Step 7. Now your friends or recipients are going to receive an email notification for the transfer you have made.

One of the amazing features of using this service is that you would always get a notification when your recipients open their emails containing the files that you have transferred to them.

So you are sure that the file has get across to the user.

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