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How To Use Screen Recorder For iPhone | Screen Recorder For iOS 11

How To Use Screen Recorder For iPhone (iOS 11) is very simple and easy.

Meanwhile, just of a recent, users prefer to install third-party apps for this purpose. Some at the time they prefer to use a Mac or QuickTime to record their iPad screen or iPhone. In this case, users are allowed to explore the potential of their devices.

However, following some recent discoveries and development, there are now many better options for doing that. So you don’t have to bother because you are on the right track.

Thus, following the release of iOS 11, there is now an available inbuilt screen recorder for iPhone. Isn’t that amazing?

Yes, what that means is that users of iPhones now have better ways of making a screen record.

This new way is better and simpler, although users need to familiarize themselves with this method before they can be able to use it.

It is not much technical though, but it is necessary you carefully go through this guide.

Meanwhile, lets now immediately proceed on How To Use Screen Recorder For iPhone (iOS 11)

How To Use the Inbuilt Screen Recorder For iPhone (iOS 11)

As noted earlier, following the release of iOS 11, there is now an available inbuilt screen recorder for iPhones.

Therefore users of iPhones now have a better way of making a Screen Recorder.

Follow these steps below to record your iPhone/iPad’s screen.

Step 1. On default.
Step 2. Go to the iPhone Settings app.
Step 3. Click Control Center.
Step 4. Click on Customise Control.
Step 5. Next
Step 6. Go to Screen Recording
Step 7. Now locate and then click on the green “+” icon to add the Screen Recording feature to your Control Center.
Now that is done with,
Step 8. Then swiping upwards from the bottom of your iPhone.
Step 9. You will notice the screen recorder for iPhone icon (the icon is a circle enclosed in another circle)
Step 10. Now click on the icon for the start recording option to appear alongside a microphone button.
Note: To record microphone audio, then tap on the microphone icon. Before tapping Start Recording to start.
Step 11. This recording usually starts after a 3-second delay.
Note: When the recording is on, the button will turn red and a notification will also appear on the top indicating recording time.
Step 12. Now after the recording, simply proceed to the control center again and click on the screen recorder button.
Note: The alternative is that you can also click on the red notification, located on the top of your screen and then click Stop at the prompt.
Now this will stop the screen recording and the recorded video will be saved in the Photos app

Meanwhile, if your iOS device is running a previous version earlier than iOS 11, and you do not want to update, then you can record your iPhone screen with apps as a screen recorder for iPhone.

List of Recorder App for your iOS Devices

  • TechSmith Capture
  • ScreenFlow
  • AirShou Screen Recorder
  • DU Recorder
  • Record It!
  • BB Rec Screen Recorder
  • Video Screen Recorder

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