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How To Write a Cover Letter

Are you a young graduate looking for how to write a cover letter? Do you need to write an excellent cover letter but don’t know how to get started? Has searching for a job become boring to you because of how to construct a good cover letter?

You don’t have to worry anymore. Today shall mark an end to such a challenge in your life. In this article, we shall guide you on the basic tips for writing a good cover letter. A cover letter that will appeal to every employer.

Thereafter, we would be entering into the writing proper. We shall have a sample advertisement for a job vacancy upon which our letter shall be based. The sample advert for the job vacancy shall serve as a compass that navigates us to a specific direction upon which our sample application letter shall focus on, based on the job requirements and specifications explored in the sample advert for the job vacancy.

We shall shortly proceed to the basic tips for writing a good cover letter. But it is imperative to have an understanding of what the letter is all about. The question here is, what is a cover letter? And what role does it play in a job application?


A cover letter is a formal written request addressed to a potential employer by a job seeker or a prospective employee stating the job seeker’s interest in the job vacancy existing in the employer’s organization, and how the skills, experience, and qualification of the job seeker meet the requirement of the potential employer’s job advert. Another name for a cover letter is an ‘application letter.’

A cover letter is one of the most essential letters that you will ever have to write. The presentation, style, and content could have a strong and powerful impact on the decisions of any potential employer. An application letter or cover letter gives a potential employer an uncommon and immediate image and mirror of your personality and demonstrates how you think, communicate, and conduct business.


If your application letter is impressive to an employer, he/she will feel motivated to take a closer look at your resume. On the other hand, an incoherent, poorly worded, and unprofessional letter communicates to the potential employer that you have little regard for the content of your Curriculum Vitae. Because your application letter is often a reflection of your personality.

What determines your chance of getting an interview is the precision, coherence, and neatness of your cover letter. In some jobs, neat handwriting is greatly imperative, for example, in occupations where legible and tidily-written numbers are very essential. When writing this kind of letter, the secret is to be concise and move straight to the point. Try only to include information that is imperative to the job for which you are applying. Don’t write page after page with details that will be of no usage to the reader. In fact, it is advisable, in most cases, that a cover letter should not be more than a one-page write-up.


There are four basic tips for writing an excellent or powerful application letter.

  1. Keep your write-up (application letter) concise and consistent with the information required
  2. Study the Job advert carefully. This is to know what skill and experience that meet the job requirements. This is necessary to enable you to include in your letter that you meet the requirements in the job advert.
  3. Study the advert closely so that you can gather information about the advertiser. This helps you to know who to address your letter and how to address it.
  4. Your application or cover letter must be short. You are to make it precise.


You are to word your cover letter neatly. You are to arrange it in a paragraph. An excellent cover letter should have a maximum of three to four different paragraphs arranged in the following ways:

PARAGRAPH1: In your first paragraph, state your interest in the job and where you saw the advert. (Employers really want to know which form or system of advertising produces the greatest results).

PARAGRAPH2: In your second paragraph, begin by studying the advert, the job description, and any background information on the company which you are applying to. Highlight the keywords or phrase in the advert and any additional points which you have received about the job description. Highlight your skills, knowledge, experience, and achievements and describe how they meet the requirements of the position.

PARAGRAPH3: Your third paragraph is simply the section that takes care of the conclusion of your cover letter. Draw attention to your attached resume, saying you look forward to hearing from them.

COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE AND SIGNING OFF: This is the last section of the cover letter. Therefore, it has to do with ending the letter with a closing greeting and then signing off.

For instance, in the complimentary close and signing, If you started the letter with Dear Sir/Madam, you should sign off with Yours faithfully, and then followed with your signature and finally your name in full.

On the other hand, if you commenced the letter with Dear Bode/Emeka (or Dear Mrs. Biodun/Nneka), you should sign off with “Yours sincerely” followed by your signature and then your name in full.



A reputable Auditing Firm in Lagos requires an application from suitable candidate for the post of an Accountant.


HND or BSc. degree from any reputable Higher Institution in Accountancy/Accounting with a minimum of lower credit or second class lower degree (2.2) certificate.

The candidate must be a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ACA).

The candidate must possess 2 to 5 years of experience in the areas of Auditing Practice and Investigation.

Interested and qualified candidates should apply within three weeks from the dates of publication to The Human Resource Manager, Excellent Brains Auditing Company LTD, 30, Adeniji Street, Victoria Island Lagos


                                                                                        12, Sylvia Crescent,
                                                                                        Anthony Village, Lagos.
                                                                                         16th February 2020.

The Human Resource Manager,
Excellent Brains Auditing Company LTD,
30, Adeniji Street,
Victoria Island Lagos.
Dear Sir,


Your advert of 12th February on www.careerherb.com website stated your interest in a qualified chartered accountant, who has 3 to 5 years of experience in the area of auditing practice and investigation.
I am an Accountant with skills and experience that meet your requirements.
Attached with this letter is my resume( or Curriculum Vitae) for your perusal.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,

Ayodele Olabisi

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