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Biography and Net Worth of Meg Whitman

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Here are the comprehensive Biography and Net Worth of the famous Meg Whitman, an American business executive, political activist, and philanthropist.

In this article, we shall also list some of her notable achievements so far, especially in the business cum political field.

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Margaret Cushing Whitman is an American business executive, political activist, and philanthropist.

She was born on 4 August 1956 in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, the daughter of Margaret Cushing (née Goodhue) and Hendricks Hallett Whitman, Jr.

Meanwhile, her patrilineal great-great-great-grandfather, Elnathan Whitman, was a member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly.

So you can see that she is from a family that was already made.

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Similarly, through her father, Whitman is also a great-great-granddaughter of U.S. Senator Charles B. Farwell, of Illinois.

Now, on her mother’s side, she is a great-granddaughter of historian and jurist Munroe Smith and a great-great-granddaughter of General Henry S. Huidekoper. Isn’t that amazing?

So her paternal grandmother, born Adelaide Chatfield-Taylor, was the daughter of writer Hobart Chatfield-Taylor and his wife, Rose Farwell Chatfield-Taylor, and the sister of economist Wayne Chatfield-Taylor.

Educational Career

She attended Cold Spring Harbor High School in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, graduating after three years in 1974.
Thus, in her memoirs, she wrote that she was in the top 10 of her class.

Meanwhile, because she wanted to be a doctor, she studied math and science at Princeton University. However, after spending a summer selling advertisements for a magazine, she changed over to the study of economics. Thus, she later earns a B.A. with honors in 1977.

Similarly, in 1979, she obtained an M.B.A. from the prestigious Harvard Business School.

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Meg Whitman Personal Life

Whitman is married to Griffith Harsh IV, a neurosurgeon at Stanford University Medical Center.

They have two sons. She has lived in Atherton, California, since March 1998.

Husband of Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman Contribution And Influence

Whitman College, a residential college completed in 2007 at Princeton University, was named for Meg Whitman following her $30 million donations.

Similarly, in 2017, Whitman was the Commencement speaker for Carnegie Mellon University and was awarded an honorary doctorate degree.

She also founded a charitable foundation with husband Harsh on December 21, 2006, by donating to it 300,000 shares of eBay stock worth $9.4 million.

Therefore, by the end of its first year of operation, the Griffith R. Harsh IV and Margaret C Whitman Charitable Foundation had $46 million in assets and has disbursed $125,000 to charitable causes.

Meanwhile, most of the money disbursed went to the Environmental Defense Fund.

However, in 2010, Warren Buffett asked Whitman to join the Giving Pledge in which billionaires would commit to donating half of their money to charity, but Whitman declined.

But in 2011, her foundation donated $2.5 million to Summit Public Schools, which operates several charter schools in the San Jose area

Currently, she is the national board chair of Teach for America.

Net Worth

Meg Whitman Net worth is estimated at 3.1 Billion USD (2020)

Thus she currently ranks in USA as the California’s fifth-wealthiest woman.

MeG W. is number two, World Richest Women Politician of the year.

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Whitman has received numerous awards and accolades for her work at eBay.  On more than one occasion, she was named among the top five most powerful women by Fortune magazine

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