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Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud MBS Biography and Net Worth

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Here is everything you need to know about Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud MBS Biography and Net Worth.

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Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud (born 31 August 1985), colloquially known as MbS, is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. He is currently serving as the country’s deputy prime minister (the title of the prime minister being held by the king) and is also Chairman of the Council for Economic and Development Affairs, Chairman of the Council of Political and Security Affairs, and Minister of Defence – the world’s youngest at the time of his appointment.

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He has been described as the power behind the throne of his father, King Salman. He was appointed crown prince in June 2017 following King Salman’s decision to remove Muhammad bin Nayef from all positions, making Mohammed bin Salman heir-designate to the throne.

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He has led several successful reforms, which include regulations restricting the powers of the religious police, the removal of the ban on female drivers in June 2018, and weakening the male-guardianship system in August 2019.

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Other cultural developments under his reign include the first Saudi public concerts by a female singer, the first Saudi sports stadium to admit women, an increased presence of women in the workforce, and opening the country to international tourists by introducing an e-visa system, allowing foreign visas to be applied for and issued via the Internet. His Vision 2030 program aims to diversify the Saudi economy through investment in non-oil sectors including technology and tourism. In 2016, he announced plans to list the shares of the state oil company Saudi Aramco.

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Despite praise for his strides towards the social and economic liberalisation of Saudi Arabia, international commentators and human rights groups have been openly critical of bin Salman’s leadership and the shortfalls of his reform program, citing a rising number of detentions and alleged torture of human rights activists,his bombing of Yemen in which war-induced famine could cause 13 million civilians to starve, the escalation of the Qatar diplomatic crisis, the start of the Lebanon–Saudi Arabia dispute, the start of a diplomatic spat with Canada, the arrest of members of the Saudi royal family in November 2017, a crackdown on feminists, and the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi. He has been described by observers as an autocratic leader, with no tolerance for dissent against him or the Saudi royal family.

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Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud MBS Biography and Net Worth Summary

Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud.

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Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, colloquially known as MbS, is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. And one of Saudi Arabia’s most recognized people. Although MbS is so much respected in Saud Arabia because of his incredible wealth and plans to reform Saudi positions of laws, he has been accused of the murder of a Turkish journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. An accusation that has since remain fresh in the mind of every person.

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Furthermore, MBS and his father have also faced criticism for their bombing campaign of Yemen. The campaign induced famine in 2018 that has led to the starvation of thirteen million civilians.

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Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud (MBS) net worth is estimated to be  17 Billion USD.  A net worth that has since placed his name in the list of the top richest politicians in the world.

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Meanwhile, MBS was born on 31st August 1985, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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He had his successful educational career in the King Saud University

MBS married his wife, Sara bint Mashoor bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in 2008 and they are blessed with four children.

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