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MoviePro | Video Recording & Film Making App | Review

Must read

Here is a our personal but critical review and rantings of MoviePro.

Our formal assessment of MoviePro is borne out of the numerous emails that we have received concerning the ratings of MoviePro by other users.

Meanwhile, it has come to our notice that too many people rely on our skill and wisdom to evaluate their favorite items online before they can proceed to make a payment or perhaps make use of such a product. (if that is the case, we are so much privileged)

Therefore, while we a grateful for this rare privilege, we are also very careful not to compromise this wonderful trust that people have confided on us.

Even so, we are not ignorant of the fact that our knowledge of MoviePro is only limited to the degree of access and evaluations we ‘ve had on it within this shortest period of time.

Thus, we are amazingly aware that the developers of this invaluable MoviePro may have upgraded it or perhaps still at the level it was, as at the time of this coherent review.

For the time being, our major aim for making this article very brief but coherent is to deepen your understanding of the use of MoviePro App

Similarly, just as it is widely said that in every advantage, there is always a disadvantage, we are therefore going to outline briefly, some of the notable shortcomings of this famous invention

In on the hands, we are not presenting innovation as the best among the best, but rather outlining its wonderful features and negative shortcoming, believing that it will have that potential of influencing your decision of either to “choose to use, or choose not to use” the MoviePro

Therefore, we seriously advise you to calm down and go through this wonderful piece in order to understand how better MoviePro works.

MoviePro | Video Recording & Film Making App

MoviePro is a powerful video recording & film making app with innumerable options as seen on TIME, AppAdvice, TUAW, Mashable, Bloomberg Radio, Indiewire, Slashgear, Dailynews, Boingboing, iMore, 148apps, iClarified. Used by over 1 million people worldwide!

Meanwhile, the platform is fully compatible and optimized for the latest iPhone models with a companion MoviePro Remote app to perform all functions from another iOS device.

Features of MoviePro

  • Pause/Resume,
  • Zoom with speed control,
  • Capture stills while recording,
  • Record directly in Camera Roll (Enable “Save to Camera Roll” in the settings),
  • Manual Focus, Exposure, White balance (on iPhone 7+/8+ select the Telephoto or Wide angle lens for using manual controls),
  • Select preferred encoder HEVC(H.265) or H.264 (iPhone 6s & below support only H.264),
  • Host of video resolutions and aspect ratios (including 1:1, 2.40:1, 2:55:1, & many others),
  • Frame Rate – 30, 25, 24, …, 1 Fps,
  • High fps modes (60 fps to 240 fps) **,
  • Adjustable video quality – high bitrates for better colors, low bitrates to conserve disk space,
  • 4K resolution (on iPhone 6s & above),
  • Lens selection on dual-camera devices (Wide, Tele, Dual),
  • 3072×1728 @30fps (3K) resolution on iPhone 5s/iPhone 6 & 6+ at over 180 Mbps bit rate,
  • 2592×1458 (16:9), 2560×1440 (16:9), 2560×1920 (4:3) on iPhone 5s, iPad Mini Retina, iPad Air,
  • Support for Moondog Labs Anamorphic lens,
  • Image flip setting option,
  • Portrait & Landscape modes,
  • Hide all controls while recording (select tap to Hide UI option in settings),
  • Uncompressed Audio Option,
  • Audio Monitoring option through headphones with adjustable input volume (mic gain) (NOTE: iPhone 6s & later do not support volume change for builtin mic),
  • Audio Meters,
  • Silent Audio option,
  • External Microphone Input and set volume,
  • Bluetooth microphone input option,
  • Composition Guides – Thirds guide & Symmetry guides option,
  • Choose record duration,
  • Timer to trigger Recording,
  • 3D touch to quick launch any preset,
  • Share to Camera Roll Dropbox, YouTube, Facebook,
  • Location tag, Copyright info in Video Metadata.
  • Video Stabilisation
  • Optical image stabilization (on supported devices),
  • Volume Shutter option,
  • Switch Cameras while recording without loss of Audio,
  • Very high reliability
  • Mini editor within the app to trim, rotate, compress videos, readjust video resolution or aspect ratio, Slow/Fast motion editing,
  • MoviePro Remote App available separately for purchase in the AppStore that can be used to control all functions from another iOS device on the same WiFi network.

Shortcomings of MoviePro

When we used MoviePro we observed that app only plays trailers from YouTube.

Thus, even when we tried a movie that came out in 1999, we could not see many of them. In fact, the app has a very limited video library.

And above all, users are not allowed to download movies using this app.

So, the choice is yours, you can either decide to download and install the app on your device or opt for another one.

Additional information

Size  3.9M
Last Update N/A
Developer website N/A

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