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Narcotics Control Board Ghana Recruitment – How To Apply

Narcotics control board Ghana recruitment is specially designed for Ghanaians who are willing to partner with the agency.

Meanwhile, before we can proceed further to narcotics control board Ghana recruitment procedures and requirements, lets first consider the functions and duties of the board.

Thus, Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) Ghana was established in November, 1990. as the central coordinating body for dealing with the rising incidence of drug abuses in the country.

NACOB Ghanaian is under the Ministry of Interior. It is the agency that concerned with the formulation and enforcement of narcotics laws in the country. The board’s work is also aimed at preventing the import, export and use, of narcotic drugs in Ghana.

Furthermore, In line with the United Nations guidelines in tackling the drug problem under the Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Outline (CMO), the Board’s main functions are centered on the following;

  • Enforcement and Control
  • Education and Prevention
  • Treatment, Rehabilitation and Social Re-integration
  • Coordination
  • International Obligation
  • International Cooperation

Enforcement and Control

By this, the agency is aimed at reducing narcotic drugs in the society at large, by arrests and prosecution of cultivators, traffickers, peddlers and users and thus control the supply of narcotic drugs to the minimum.

Education and Prevention

Here the board is aimed at educating the general public and in particular target groups like the youth, workers, parents, law enforcement personnel on the harmful effects of drug abuse and the dangers inherent in drug abuse; so that those persons who have not taken to drug abuse would be sensitized on the need to lead a drug-free life.

Treatment, Rehabilitation and Social Re-integration

The board encourages those who have become addicted to drugs to seek treatment at appropriate centres. These drug addicts after overcoming the drug addiction would go through a process for rehabilitation and social re-integration.


The board coordinates the multi-disciplinary approach to combating the drug problem. This the board does through the help of the governmental and non-governmental organizations

International Obligation

On the International front, Ghana is a signatory to the following United Nations Conventions and Protocols on drugs. • The 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs • The 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances • The 1972 Protocol Amending The 1961 Single Convention • The 1988 Convention Against Illicit Trafficking of Narcotic Drugs And Psychotropic Substances.

International Cooperation

The board has a bilateral co-operation with EU, US, Germany, France, Spain and other countries in achieving their the primary objectives

Narcotics Control Board Ghana Recruitment Requirements

Just like every other government agencies, all applicant shall be

  • A Ghanaian citizen by birth.
  • With no criminal record and of good character.
  • Not less than 18 years of age and not more than 30 years of age.
  • physically and medically fit.
  • Of a good character

How To Apply

The agency is yet to publish her date of recruitment and the processes involved.

We shall update our site as soon as the recruitment date and processes is published by the agency.

See the Board Official portal https://www.mint.gov.gh/agencies/narcotic-control-board/

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