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PocketMoni Agent Registration | Create An Agent Account

PocketMoni Agent Registration

You are on this platform because you want to learn how to create a PocketMoni Agent account. Or maybe you also wish to know more about the PocketMoni Agent account and how it works. In which case, we are going to guide you on how to explore the PocketMoni Agent account. And possibly, how to get the best from it.

So PocketMoni Agent is the Mobile Money service offering of eTranzact, that enables you to create an e-wallet with your mobile phone to start to carry out series of transaction like making payments, fund transfer, as well as for receiving money, buying credit, and many more, while you make money too.

Therefore, as a credible PocketMoni agent, you make money for yourself or the company by running the above-listed attractions in a strategic location.

Similarly, PocketMoni charges a highly competitive rate making them one of the popular Mobile money services charging less.

You can carry out transactions through a POS terminal and your mobile phone (if youve downloaded the PocketMoni Mobile app).

To compare PocketMoni to other existing Mobile money services, PocketMoni offers numerous services that give you more opportunity of making money. PLUS other benefits that many services don’t consider offering to their Agents (you will see them below).

Below Are The Requirement PocketMoni Agent Registration

Already we have explained differently the steps to sign up for the PocketMOni Agent service, but there are information that are inevitable to provide, and that includes;

  • Guarantor’s Details (which includes his/her BVN, and bank details)
  • Your contact information (including phone number and BVN).
  • Means of identification.

Why PocketMoni Agent Service Is The Best Choice

You will be a privilege as an Agent to benefit through the following ways (but not limited to);

  • You’ll be entitled to 40% of the transaction fees charged to your registered users.
  • You’ll earn a minimum of N50 of the convenience fee paid by customers at your location as an agent.
  • You’ll earn N100 on PocketMoni card sold to users.
  • You’ll be earning N2,000 as a commission for every NERO referred by you.