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Raila Odinga Net Worth Forbes / Brief Biography

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Raila Amolo Odinga Kenya’s former prime minister from 2008 to 2013. Odinga has been serving as the leader of the opposition party in Kenya since 2013 till date. Odinga also has served as a member of the parliament for Langata from the year 1992 till 2013.
He was succeeded by the current Kenya president, Uhuru Kenyatta- making him an opposition leader in Kenya till date.
Odinga has become a major influence in the political system of Kenya, for instance, following his handover to Kenyatta, he was recently appointed as Kenya’s High Representative for Infrastructure Development.

Raila Odinga net worth has been estimated to be 515 Million USD., making him one of the richest politicians in the World. Although Odinga’s father, Jaramogi Odinga had served as Kenya’s first vice president, Raila Odinga wealth may not be attributed to his family.

It is on record that Odinga during his early days in Kenya passed through so many political attacks. For instance, he was accused alongside his father of instigating a failed coup in 1988. Odinga was later placed under house arrest for over half a year, following his release, he found his way to Norway. Upon his return from Norway after some years later, he ventured into politics from where he made his money.

Meanwhile Odinga was born on 7th January 1945 in Maseno, Kenya.
Age 74 years.

His  siblings are Oburu Odinga, Wenwa Akinyi Odinga and Ruth Odinga.

He had his successful educational career in Technical University of Magdeburg (1965–1970)

He married his wife, Ida Odinga in the year 1973, and they are blessed with children namely, Rosemary Odinga, Fidel Odinga, Winnie Odinga, and Raila Odinga Jr.

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