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Richard Benyon Net Worth Forbes / Biography

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Richard Benyon.

Richard Henry Ronald Benyon MP is super-wealthy British Conservative Party politician. Benyon is a great influence in the British political system, for instance, he was first elected as the MP for Newbury in 2005 and was a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. It was during David Cameron’s reign that Benyon became a leader of the Department for the Environment. An office that was criticized by the green party, under his watch for being non chalent in issues relating to environment.

Meanwhile, Benyon ran three times for an MP position, and was only able to win on the third time, after defeating longtime Liberal Democrat rival David Rende.

Richard Benyon net worth is estimated to be be 110 Million USD. A net worth that has since, placed his name in the list of the top richest politicians in the world.

Richard Benyon is famous for being a great-great grandson of former Conservative Prime Minister Lord Salisbury, a three times Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Benyon was born on 21th October 1960 in Reading, United Kingdom
Age 58 years.

He married three wives, Zoe Benyon, Emma Helen Villiers and Elizabeth Hallifax and they are blessed with five sons

Benyon had his successful educational career in Royal Agricultural University.

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