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Things You Don’t Know About Yvonne Nelson – Ghanaian Screen Goddess

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Beautiful Actress Yvonne Nelson has made household name in the Ghanaian movie industry. Though she ventured into film making in 2011, she has since remain one of the most successful movie producer in the Ghallywood industry.

Yvonne is former Miss Ghana contestant, but she started her acting profession in 2000. Since then, Yvonne has featured in over 100 movies,

As a stage performer, she has featured in some many TV shows, and also anchored series of television and radio programs.

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One of the things that have propagated Yvonne Nelson very high above her mate in her screen play career is her elegant beauty and Mastery of English. Her choice of words remain second to none. She marries her speeches with high profile body language just to keep her numerous audience watching. It is on record that Yvonne Nelson is one of the Ghallywood actresses that have really captivated the attentions of politicians, businessman and entertainers alike. So many undisclosed offers have being made to her all in the attempt to woo her. Her acting career is blooming not because she is the most intelligent, smart or even beautiful, but it was grace that found her.

Yvonne Nelson is a lady that knows how to captivate the attention of her audience. Whenever she is acting on stag, all attention is usually on her. Little wonder she is ranked the richest actress in Ghana. A status she has maintained for long time now.

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As a human resource manager, which she studied in the Zenith University College and Central University she has being able to build a community of fans which she normally gives philanthropic help.
Similarly, in 2010, she founded the Yvonne Nelson Glaucoma Foundation to help create awareness about the Glaucoma disease.

Yvonne is also an activist that craves for the better living standard of her people. In one of the occasions in Ghana, she mobilized her follow celebrities, to add more voices to the masses in protests against the energy crisis in her country, Ghana.

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Yvonne may likely contest for a political position in her country Ghana, any moment from now.
She has once tweeted that she is looking forward to the day Ghana People would refuse to vote in presidential elections to send a message to politicians. This was in reaction to the poor performance of government ever since the Ghana independence. She maintained that since the country got her independence in 1957, that nothing meaningful has actually occurred in the country.

Yvonne Nelson to contest for a political position in Ghana

Yvonne is currently in serious relationship with Jamie Roberts, and they are blessed with a kid.

Yvonne Nelson in a happy mood with her soulmate and their baby girl.

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