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Tom Mulcair Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Family, and Latest News

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Here is everything you need to now about Tom Mulcair Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Family, and Latest News.

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Thomas Joseph Mulcair PC (born October 24, 1954) is a Canadian retired politician from Quebec who served as the leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada from 2012 to 2017.

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A Member of Parliament for the electoral district of Outremont in Quebec from 2007 to 2018, he was selected as the leader of the NDP at a leadership election on March 24, 2012, on the fourth ballot. He then served as Leader of the Official Opposition until the NDP lost just over half of its seats in the 2015 federal election and resumed third-place status. During a leadership review vote, held at the 2016 federal NDP convention, 52% of the delegates voted to hold a leadership election.

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Mulcair stated he would remain leader until the party chooses a replacement. Convention delegates, in an emergency motion, voted to give the party up to two years to choose a new head. Mulcair later announced in May 2016 that he would retire from politics, and would not contest his riding in the next federal election. He resigned his seat on August 3, 2018 in order to accept a position in the political science department of the University of Montreal. He has also been hired as an on-air political analyst for CJAD, CTV News Channel, and TVA.

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A lawyer by profession, Mulcair joined the federal NDP in 1974. He was the provincial Member of the National Assembly of Quebec for the riding of Chomedey in Laval from 1994 to 2007, holding the seat for the Liberal Party of Quebec.

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He served as the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment, and Parks from 2003 until 2006, in the Liberal government of Premier Jean Charest. Elected MP for Outremont in a by-election in 2007, he was named co-Deputy Leader of the NDP shortly afterward and won re-election to his seat three times.

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On May 26, 2011, he was named the New Democratic Party’s Opposition House Leader and also served as the NDP’s Quebec lieutenant, a post he held until being named party leader. Prior to entering politics, Mulcair was a senior civil servant in the Quebec provincial government, ran a private law practice, and taught law at the university level.

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Tom Mulcair Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Family, and Latest News Summary

Tom Mulcair Net Worth Forbes / Brief Biography.

According to Wikipedia (The Free Encyclopedia), Thomas Joseph Mulcair PC is a retired Canadian-French politician who served as the leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada from 2012 to 2017.

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Billionaire lawyer Tom Mulcair rose to political power in the mid-2000s in the New Democratic Party. Mulcair was initially an MP representative, representing a district in Quebec. He gradually grew to firm and wealth.

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Tom Mulcair net worth is estimated to be 21.5 Million USD.  Making him one of the richest politician in Canada and also making his name to appear in the list of the the top richest politicians in the world.

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As his popularity of Mulcair grew, so did his outreach and his power. At the height of his political career, he was leading the New Democratic Party and the Opposition in Canada’s parliament.

Meanwhile, Mulcair was born on 24th October 1954 in the Ottawa Hospital General Campus, Ottawa, Canada.

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Tom Mulcair had his successful educational career at McGill University (1977), McGill University (1976), and Vanier College.

Mulcair married his wife, Catherine Pinhas in 1976. And they are blessed with children; Matthew Mulcair and Gregory Mulcair.

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