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Here is a our personal but critical review and rantings of Video Downloader by InShot Inc.

Our formal assessment of this Video Downloader is borne out of the numerous emails that we have received concerning the ratings of downloader by other users.

Meanwhile, it has come to our notice that too many people rely on our skill and wisdom to evaluate their favorite items online before they can proceed to make a payment or perhaps make use of such a product. (if that is the case, we are so much privileged)

Therefore, while we a grateful for this rare privilege, we are also very careful not to compromise this wonderful trust that people have confided on us.

Even so, we are not ignorant of the fact that our knowledge of Video Downloader is only limited to the degree of access and evaluations we ‘ve had on it within this shortest period of time.

Thus, we are amazingly aware that the developers of this invaluable Video Downloader may have upgraded it or perhaps still at the level it was, as at the time of this coherent review.

For the time being, our major aim for making this article very brief but coherent is to deepen your understanding of the use of Video Downloader

Similarly, just as it is widely said that in every advantage, there is always a disadvantage, we are therefore going to outline briefly, some of the notable shortcomings of this famous invention

In on the hands, we are not presenting innovation as the best among the best, but rather outlining its wonderful features and negative shortcoming, believing that it will have that potential of influencing your decision of either to “choose to use, or choose not to use” the Video Downloader

Therefore, we seriously advise you to calm down and go through this wonderful piece in order to understand how better Video Downloader works.

Video Downloader App by InShot Inc

Video Downloader [by InShot Inc] is a free web tool/software that allows you to download and convert online videos so that you can watch them whenever you want, even without an internet connection. This tool is built to be easy to use and fast-performing.

Features of Video Downloader App by InShot Inc

Below are main features of this wonderful invention.

  • Browse videos with the built-in browser
  • Play videos offline with the built-in player
  • All download formats supported, mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, MOV, Avi, WMV, DOC, Xls, PDF, TXT, etc.
  • Auto-detect videos and easily download
  • Full-featured download manager to pause, resume and remove downloads
  • Download several files at the same time
  • Save downloaded files in a password-protected folder
  • Download videos in the background
  • SD card supported
  • Resume failed downloads
  • Fast download speed
  • Check the progress in the download bar
  • HD video download supported
  • Large file download supported
  • Download video, music and pictures
  • Add bookmarks for your favorite websites

How to Use The App

Follow these steps below:

Step 1. Browse website with the built-in browser
Step 2. Auto-detect videos, and tap the download button
Step 3. Choose which video you want to download
Step 4. Done!

Shortcomings of the App/software

Although the app is the best of it kind, it is very inconvenient and even annoying to tap over and over again on the reload button for about 3-5 times per megabyte because the link constantly expires.

Meanwhile, this app is a good one, which we sincerely recommend for all users of internet that like watching and downloading movies online.

Additional Information

Developer Email cameras.ideas@gmail.com
Size 9.5M
Installs (Active users) 50,000,000+
Developer websiteN/A

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