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Vine Sign Up | How To Create a Vine Account | Login To Your Vine Account

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Vine Sign Up.

Vine Sign Up is very simply and free.

Meanwhile, Vine is a service for uploading short videos up to six second long.

So this service enables users to record and edit their videos, before publishing them on Vine and sharing it on their favorite social networks.

To enjoy all the good features of Vine, you need to download the app and make the simple registration. This registration is free.

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To Register Simply Follow The Instructions Below:

Download the Vine app for your mobile device

Then choose between signing up with your

1. Twitter Account, or

2.  Email Account.

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Meanwhile, after you have finished creating an account with the app, you can access this account using the app. You can also do this with your desktop version to browse videos.

However, all these things are no longer possible, since Vine is officially dead as of January 17, 2017. Therefore, it is no longer possible to create vine account or sign up for Vine.

So Twitter acquired the company some couple of months after it was founded in June 2012.

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Meanwhile, Twitter company have decided to leave the Vine website for users to re-watch existing Vines. So what this means is that you can log into your Vine account online and view your account. However, you cannot create a new account online.


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