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Zambian Army Recruitment 2021 | How To Apply

Zambian Army Recruitment 2020, is now open for all prospective applicants who wish to be enlisted in the Zambian Army.

Zambian Army Recruitment offers prospective candidates who are from Zambia the opportunity to serve their own country.

The service of one’s country (Patriotism) comes with joy and pride.

Prospective Zambians who are willing to be enlisted into the supreme Zambia Army Force should bear in mind that the Zambia army is very strict and well cultured.

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Zambian Army Recruitment is always organized by well discipline officers of the Zambia army.

Although the Zambia army may with the voluntary help of the American army wish to jointly partner together in the areas of training their foot-soldiers.

Meanwhile, the Zambian Army is part of the Zambian Defence Force, with Lieutenant General Paul Mihova as commander.

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Like all branches of the Zambian military, citizens of the nation are required to register at 16, and citizens can join at 16 with parental consent or at 18 when they are classified as adults by Zambia.

In Zambia, there is no conscription.

By conscription we mean, compulsory enlistment of people in a national service, most often a military service.

The application must be voluntary and applicants must be willing to serve the country with all his heart when enlisted.

Applicants must also be Zambian citizens and must have a Grade 12 certification.

Applicants must also undergo a test for HIV on enlistment. Personnel can serve until age 65 when there is a mandatory retirement.

Zambian Army General Requirements

All prospective applicants must:

  1. have 14 points and below at Grade 12 level which should contain English, Mathematics, Science and any two subjects.
  2. be between 18 and 25 years.
  3. be a Zambian citizen and have a green national registration card.
  4. not have any criminal record.
  5. be deemed medically, mentally and physically fit.
  6. have a height of 5’8 for males and 5’4 for females.
  7. for (female candidates) shouldn’t be pregnant at the time of application
  8. be a Zambian and posses a green national registration card

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Categories and Qualification

The categories and qualifications consist of commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

For Commissioned officers under the Zambian Army Recruitment;

  • They must possess 14 points and below.
  • They have to be 25 years and below for college leavers.
  • 27 years for specialists including engineers, clinic officers, accountants
  • 35 years for medical doctors

How To Apply

As the application and choice method is incredibly thorough, you wish to permit yourself time to arrange. this implies giving yourself time to collect all the private information and documents before you start.

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