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ZestMoney Account | All You Need To Know About ZestMoney Company

ZestMoney Account has become very popular now!

ZestMoney is a payment platform that enables customers to buy high-priced items on EMI without using a credit card.

Although the number of debit and credit cards is increasing, most Indians prefer debit cards over credit cards.

If we look at the statistics released by the Reserve Bank of India in March 2016, a total of 661.8 million debit cards and only 24.51 million credit cards were in operation.

I Have A ZestMoney Account, Do I Trust The Company

As earlier noted, ZestMoney is India’s largest digital EMI platform, that has been trusted by millions of users and finances crores of transactions daily.

ZestMoney is trusted by some of the largest shopping partners in the market from Amazon to Mi, to serve its customers and help them afford their dream lifestyle.

So the company believes that trust is the most important ingredient in the lending business.

The company also trust their customers to repay their EMIs on time and in turn, their customers trust them with their personal information.

The company also understands the importance of the data shared by our customers. This data helps the company analyze customers and get the highest approval rates possible, and the would never want to share this with any third party.

Similarly, ZestMoney is backed by some of the biggest global fintech investors including PayU and the fund of the eBay founder, Omidyar Network.

Additionally, some of the largest banks in India work with ZestMoney including RBL and Yes Bank.

For more on how to manage your ZestMoney Account, please do remain on this platform

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