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ZRP Recruitment | Selection and Appointments 2021/2022

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ZRP Recruitment, Selection and Appointments is currently ongoing. So all Zimbabweans who wish to serve their country can proceed to apply now.

Meanwhile, recruitment into the ZRP for General Duty Constables is a decentralized process that commences at a Local Police Station. This is meant to reach a majority of persons in all corners of the country. The advertisement of the process is undertaken by the Officer in Charge, Community Relations Liaison Officers and the Public Relations wing of the ZRP through Local Media, Community meetings and various Career Guidance activities.

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The availability of vacancies is communicated to the Staff Officer Recruiting from the Human Resources Department of the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

  1. Entry level

The rank on attestation for Regular General Duty members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police is Constable.

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2. Entry Qualifications

To meet the minimum requirements for appointment into the Force in the rank of Constable, applicants:

  • Must be not less than 18 and not more than 22 years of age at the time of appointment.
  • Must have passed a minimum of five Ordinary Level subjects with Grade C or better in not more than three sittings, of which English Language and Mathematics are compulsory.
  • Should be of exemplary character.
  • Should have a good background with no criminal record or pending criminal prosecution.
  • Must fulfill health requirements as recommended by a Police Medical Officer.

3. Provincial Recruiting

  • To ensure that all sections of the population are adequately catered for, each Province is allocated a certain number of places in each squad [of 21 Recruits] commencing training. The figure is based on the ratio of the population of each Province to the total population of the whole country.
  • The population statistics to be used shall be those supplied by the Central Statistics Office.

4. Application Procedure

  • Any person seeking appointment into the Police Service in the rank of Constable shall approach the Officer in Charge of the Police Station nearest to his residence for enquiries.
  • The Officer in Charge of the Police Station so approached will personally interview the applicant to ensure that he meets the minimum requirements laid down and is, in all other respects, suitable for appointment into the Service.
  • The Officer in Charge may also reject any applicant who does not meet the minimum requirements, at the same time, encouraging any applicant who may not meet the required requirements to re-apply at a later date.
  • The applicant’s fingerprints are recorded and vetted to ensure unsuitable elements do not find their way into the Organisation.
  • Pre-entry Tests (Aptitude Tests) are held at Provincial and other approved centres where applicants are subjected to assessments to determine their suitability to join the Service. This also includes physical test and a panel board interview.
  • Successful applicants are not assured employment but are placed on a Provisional Waiting List kept at Police General Headquarters.
  • When vacancies do occur in the Service, names of applicants to be considered for appointment are drawn from the Waiting List on a First Come First Served Criterion.

5. Applications to join the Service as Technicians and other Specialists

  • As a general rule, all Technicians for the various Trades within the Zimbabwe Republic Police are Tradesmen who must have served a recognised apprenticeship and qualified as Journeymen in the Class 1 and 2 Category with a formal education of up to Ordinary Level.
  • Technicians include apart from Tradesman, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Chaplains and ICT Officers.
  • Applications for this Category are submitted to Police General Headquarters when responding to advertisement for vacant posts. These are addressed to the Staff Officer [Recruiting], Police General Headquarters, P O Box CY 34 Causeway Harare.

The ZRP Rank Structure

The Zimbabwe Republic Police Rank structure as a package of authority also forms the general career path of the Organisation which is achieved through a structured promotion exercise. Every promotion comes with an approved motivational package set by the Commissioner-General of Police from time to time.

1      Commissioner General of Police
2       Deputy Commissioner General of Police
3       Commissioner of Police
4       Assistant Commissioner
5       Chief Superintendent
6       Superintendent
7       Chief Inspector
8        Inspector
9        Assistant Inspector
10      Sergeant Major
11      Sergeant
12      Constable

Disclaimer; is not and does not claim to be an agent of, thus we do not have any legal right as to offers additional help (then the publication of this article) to applicants who are applying to join the Zimbabwe Republic Police Consequently, applicants who are in need of more information are advised to visit their recruitment official portal.

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